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Live TV app makes Ukrainian channels available free of charge for the foreseeable future

TORONTO (March 1, 2022) - toober, a Toronto-based live television app designed to connect viewers to specialty television from around the world, announced today that, effective immediately, all Ukrainian channels are available at no charge.

"Our mission has always been to help people worldwide stay connected to their homelands through news and entertainment," explains toober CEO Sasha Zivanovic. "In times of crisis, nothing is more important than getting accurate reporting of events directly from the source." For the foreseeable future toober will make available a lineup of Ukrainian channels. Currently, the lineup consists of

  • 1+1 International
  • Pershiy Natsionalniy (First National)
  • 5 Kanal (Channel 5)
  • UATV
  • Espresso TV
  • Kyiv TV

toober will continue to add Ukrainian channels on an ongoing basis as they become available.

"Several major Ukrainian media groups have partnered to show 'United News,' a unified news source, on all their channels, but given the constantly shifting situation, channels can have intermittent disruptions to their broadcast signal," says Zivanovic. "Our goal is to add as many channels as possible and continue making those channels available, ensuring that viewers have continuous access to direct news from Ukraine, whenever and wherever available."

The toober app is available on xumo, xfinity, Rogers, Videotron, Shaw, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOs & Web Live TV.

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