Thursday December 14th, 2017
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The ability to sell products and services online has revolutionized the sales industry allowing any sized company to become profitable without having a bricks and mortar storefront or and office full of employees. The shopping cart is the most popular form of web sales mediums and allows buyers to ‘shop’ though your site, click on items to place into a cart, and tally-up to check out and pay. The money gets deposited into your personal or business account and you then provide the service or ship the product to your consumer.

Shopping carts must be secure and coded properly as borrowers input their credit card information and the correct amount must be charged. Then that information must be seamlessly communicated to you, the merchant, so you can continue to give excellent customer service to your client. Toober Group can create custom shopping carts for your individual needs that exceed the industry standards as well as the standards of our clients.


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