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Wednesday April 23rd, 2014
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Web Design & Development

Toober Designs Have Revolutionized the Web Industry

Toober Group specializes in custom website designs & redesigns, eCommerce, unique modern logo designs, social media and SmartPhone apps. We have extensive experience in graphic design and complex coding and we bring this knowledge to each project every time. We create user-friendly websites tailored for our clients that promote awareness of your product and/or service which ultimately drives sales. We know the web can be overwhelming and Toober Group takes the “Where do I even start?” feeling out of the process.

Toober Group first analyzes your business to determine your website’s main objective. We then work with our design team to create the perfect color scheme (or match one to your current logo or website) and layout. Next our programmers begin creating the necessary coding that makes your website function at optimal speed and accuracy. This is where we create a custom shopping cart, if applicable, to sell your product or service which will wire monies from your sales directly to your personal or business bank account. Finally, we deliver you the finished website for final tweaks and last minute adjustments to make everything perfect.


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